Lower Peover Easter Bunny Hunt


April 2021
Many thanks to all the residents in Lower Peover who joined in with the Lower Peover Easter Bunny Hunt this year. There were some wonderful displays which brought smiles to the faces of so many people, young and old, as they walked / cycled around the village. Please see photos of some of the Easter Bunnies scenes below.Thank you and well done for all your hard work. It was a tremendous community effort!!
IMG_5175.jpgIMG_5172.jpgIMG_5171.jpgIMG_5168.jpgIMG_5167.jpgIMG_5164.jpgIMG_5163.jpgIMG_5161.jpgIMG_5147.jpgIMG_5140.jpgIMG_5137.jpgIMG_5136.jpgIMG_5135.jpgIMG_5134.jpgIMG_5131.jpgIMG_5129.jpgIMG_5127.jpgIMG_5125.jpgIMG_5124.jpgIMG_5123.jpgIMG_5122[96311]a.jpgIMG_5176.jpgIMG_5179.jpgIMG_5182.jpgeaster bunny.jpgIMG_5175.jpgIMG_5172.jpgIMG_5171.jpgIMG_5168.jpgIMG_5167.jpgIMG_5164.jpgIMG_5163.jpgIMG_5161.jpgIMG_5147.jpgIMG_5140.jpgIMG_5137.jpgIMG_5136.jpgIMG_5135.jpgIMG_5134.jpgIMG_5131.jpgIMG_5129.jpgIMG_5127.jpgIMG_5125.jpgIMG_5124.jpgIMG_5123.jpgIMG_5122[96311]a.jpgIMG_5176.jpgIMG_5179.jpgIMG_5182.jpgeaster bunny.jpg

The Countryside Code - New Version published


April 2021

Natural England have just launched their new version of The Countryside Code.

As restrictions start to ease and we look forward to more freedom in the near future we expect that more people will start to enjoy time in the countryside once again.

The Countryside Code has great practical advice so that you can plan your trip.

It explains best practice in the countryside so that we can all support our rural communities in the best way.

Spring Newsletter


March 2021

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Lower Peover Parish Council newsletter.

We hope you are enjoying all the beautiful Spring flowers that are in the gardens and hedgerows in our village at the moment. The daffodils and snow drops are particularly wonderful!

In this edition of the newsletter you will find updates on Lower Peover Parish Council projects and contributions from community members sharing updates on recent and upcoming events and activities taking place in the village.

Parish Plan

Lower Peover


May 2020

The Parish Council approved a new Parish Plan at its meeting on 13th May 2020

The Parish Plan can be viewed below

Lower Peover COVID-19 Support Group

Lower Peover


March 2020

Lower Peover COVID-19 Support Group Supported by Lower Peover Parish Council & local business AvA-V

Are you self-isolating or unable to leave home during the current COVID-19 virus outbreak? Do you need help with picking up shopping, posting mail, a friendly phone call, prescriptions? Lower Peover Parish Council and local business AvA-V are supporting the establishment of a local group of volunteers to assist our local community at this difficult time. Attached is also a list of local amenities available to you in the village and its surrounding areas. If you need help, or know someone in Lower Peover who might be vulnerable and need assistance, please contact:

Monday to Friday between the hours of 08:00am and 5:30pm please call: 01565 758 000

Local Business AvA-V will be taking calls during this time

Out of Hours Number (Monday to Friday 5:30pm onwards and Saturday and Sunday) please call:

Alison Painter on: 07946 389051 or George Dutton on: 07968 798928

Or email us at:


V O L U N T E E R S – W E  N E E D  Y O U R  H E L P

If you would like to volunteer to help other people in the village, we would be delighted. We are looking for volunteers who can help with shopping, picking up prescriptions, dog walkers, and a friendly voice for a chat at the end of the phone.

Good neighbours and community spirit can make a big difference to others at this time.

To volunteer please email us at: info@lowerpeoversupport.co.uk with information about how you would be able to help, and times and days you would be available each week and we will be in touch.

L O C A L  A M E N I T I E S


The Country Store

Everyday Shopping Requirements

Open for Business between 8am – 8pm – 7 days a week

Telephone Number: 01565 722588

Plumley Village Store & Post Office

Everyday Shopping Requirements

Open for Business between 8am – 8pm – Monday to Friday | Saturday 08:30am – 4:30pm | Sunday – Closed


Telephone Number: 01565 722277

Traditional Farmhouse Beef – Cheadle Farm, Cheadle Lane

For fresh meat and poultry

Open for Business 10:00am – 2:00pm – Monday to Saturday


Telephone Number: 01565 722228 or 07871570557

The Village Veg Company

For Fruit and Vegetables

Telephone Number: 07921 836 324 (Or find them on facebook)


The Egg Lady

For Fresh Eggs

Sampling Home Farm , Ullford Hall Lane www.theegglady.co.uk

Telephone Number: 07825 788277 (Or find them on facebook)


Sheldons Dairy

For Milk Delivery Only

Please email: sales@sheldonsonline.co.uk

Telephone Number: 01565 634509

The Cheshire Pantry Co.

Essential Food Boxes Including Milk, Bread & Eggs

Telephone Number: 07913 037059 (Or find them on facebook)


Cheshire Community Action

Online Grocery Delivery

Cheshire Community Action have set up several accounts with Morrisons and Tesco for on-line delivery using their bank details and they will then ask the older person to send them a cheque to cover the shopping – they have found that for a lot of more vulnerable clients they do not want to enter their bank details on-line. Older people can be registered onto their scheme using an on-line form at www.healthylivingconsortium.net or you can phone them.

T A K E – A W A Y S

The Bells of Peover

For Pub Food, Wine & Beer

Available: Fri & Sat 5-8pm | Sun 12-4pm

Telephone Number: 01565 722269

(Please call for food from 4pm & Pre book Sun food before 9pm Saturday )

Dominos Pizza Knutsford

Takeaway Pizza

Available 7 days a week 11am – 10:45pm

Telephone Number: 01565 621666

Or order online www.dominos.co.uk

If you are a local business offering amenities, groceries or can help in any way during this time, and would like adding to this list please contact us at: info@lowerpeoversupport.co.uk