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Lower Peover Parish Council

Welcome to the Lower Peover Village Website.

Please take a look around our website and find out more about our village. 

Lower Peover is a village in Cheshire which as approx 430 residents. It has a shop and post office, two pubs, a church and a primary school.

Lower Peover is one of a collection of "Peovers" in the area and they often get mistaken for each other.

Lower Peover is made up of Nether Peover and Peover Inferior and it neighbours the parish of Over Peover which is made up of Peover Superior and Peover Heath.

The two parishes of Over Peover and Lower Peover have connections through their parish churches who are sister churches and share a vicar, Reverend Murray Aldridge-Collins. 

Lower Peover also borders the parish of Plumley, Toft and Bexton and the parish of Allostock. 

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Locations of Fire Hydrants

Lower Peover Fire Hydrants

Below are useful links to local websites:

Lower Peover Primary School

St Oswalds Parish Church, Lower Peover

Cheshire East Borough Council

Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

Cheshire Stored Oil Recovery Project

Lower Peover Post Office

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Latest Parish News

Lower Peover Easter Bunny Hunt


April 2021
Lower Peover Easter Bunny Hunt
Many thanks to all the residents in Lower Peover who joined in with the Lower Peover Easter Bunny Hunt this year. There were some wonderful displays which brought smiles to the faces of so many people, young and old, as they walked / cycled around the village. Please see photos of some of the Easter Bunnies scenes below.Thank you and well done for all your hard work. It was a tremendous community effort!!
IMG_5175.jpgIMG_5172.jpgIMG_5171.jpgIMG_5168.jpgIMG_5167.jpgIMG_5164.jpgIMG_5163.jpgIMG_5161.jpgIMG_5147.jpgIMG_5140.jpgIMG_5137.jpgIMG_5136.jpgIMG_5135.jpgIMG_5134.jpgIMG_5131.jpgIMG_5129.jpgIMG_5127.jpgIMG_5125.jpgIMG_5124.jpgIMG_5123.jpgIMG_5122[96311]a.jpgIMG_5176.jpgIMG_5179.jpgIMG_5182.jpgeaster bunny.jpgIMG_5175.jpgIMG_5172.jpgIMG_5171.jpgIMG_5168.jpgIMG_5167.jpgIMG_5164.jpgIMG_5163.jpgIMG_5161.jpgIMG_5147.jpgIMG_5140.jpgIMG_5137.jpgIMG_5136.jpgIMG_5135.jpgIMG_5134.jpgIMG_5131.jpgIMG_5129.jpgIMG_5127.jpgIMG_5125.jpgIMG_5124.jpgIMG_5123.jpgIMG_5122[96311]a.jpgIMG_5176.jpgIMG_5179.jpgIMG_5182.jpgeaster bunny.jpg

The Countryside Code - New Version published


April 2021
Countryside Code

Natural England have just launched their new version of The Countryside Code.

As restrictions start to ease and we look forward to more freedom in the near future we expect that more people will start to enjoy time in the countryside once again.

The Countryside Code has great practical advice so that you can plan your trip.

It explains best practice in the countryside so that we can all support our rural communities in the best way.

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